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Tucked away on Arrowhead Drive near the I-90 interchange is March Industries, a national supplier of innovative maintenance and industrial products that includes three main branches of business:  Ooga Lights, which offers party lights, wedding and event lighting and accessories; the Floor Mat Shop which specializes in custom logo-designed floor mats and safety mats for your business; and Uno Clean, which offers floor cleaning machines and janitorial supplies. 

Owners Joe and Chris Marchewka are 20 -year residents of the Village of Hampshire and have raised two daughters here.  The eldest graduated from Hampshire High when it was still a part of the Middle School building on State Street.  Their younger daughter graduated in 2019 and was part of the first class to attend the new Gary D. Wright elementary school on Big Timber Road. Both daughters are currently involved in the business.

The Marchewka’s have seen many changes over the years and have witnessed the growth of the village.

“We are located near the truck stops and the expansion there has been tremendous,” Chris said.

March Industries has expanded over the years as well.  The company began in 1992 when the couple decided to leave their current jobs- Joe worked as a maintenance supervisor engineer at an apartment complex and Chris was a medical records clerk, to sell maintenance equipment full time.  They began out of their garage with Chris running the office and Joe heading up the sales team.  The company grew and they began renting more space for their products until they bought a building in Elgin.  With the boom in online business, the couple added a website and started selling their lighting supplies online and the business flourished.  Five years ago, they bought their building in Hampshire. 

Chris said that while the company offers online products, they are focused on customer service and keep regular office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. so they can be available to assist their customers.

“We try to do hands-on service.  We talk to our customers on the phone when there are problems or questions.  We pride ourselves on customer service,” Chris said. 

The owners believe that credit for their success belongs to their team of employees who see to the daily operations and provide exceptional service to their customers.  Their current team, shown in the group photo, consists of Abby Barringer, Kate Mucci, Liz Juarez and Luis Martinez.  Three staffers not shown in the photo are Erik Bohrnell, Sydney Marchewka and Rex Hoppe.

“Our employees are the ones who we give the credit to. They make everything happen,” Joe said.

Chris said bringing the business to Hampshire has been a positive experience.  They are involved with the community having worked with the Village and the Coon Creek Country Days committee to provide the outdoor lighting for the annual festival for the past three years.

“I love the small-town feel of Hampshire.  When we were in Elgin, we were just another building.  But here we have a hometown feel.  The people, everybody is great.  From the time we got the building, working with the Village has been so easy,” Chris said.

The company serves industrial and hotel clientele as well as individual customers.  With over 70,000 industrial maintenance products, plus lighting units, floor matting options and floor cleaning machines, customers will be able to find what they need when they need it.  As a benefit to their local customers, Hampshire residents can order online and pick up their lights directly from the warehouse to save on the cost of shipping.   

About This Business:

Name:  March Industries

Owners:  Joe and Chris Marchewka

Location:  150 Arrowhead Drive, Hampshire

Phone:  (224) 654-6500


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